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Tens machine Hire - Tens hire - Tens maternity machine

With an increasing number of women looking to experience a natural child birth that is not inhibited with drugs the TENS maternity machine is becoming increasingly popular. Pregnancy TENS which stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, is a drug free way to get labour pain relief. Maternity TENS are small stick pads which are connected to a small control panel that can be held by the mother to be or birthing partner. The pads are stuck to the back at various points at the onset of labour and small electrical signals are then sent to the nerves under your skin. These electrical pulses help in two ways.

Firstly, they alter the way that pain signals are sent to the brain – it is often described as a gate, when the pulse is given the gate closes to prevent the pain signals travelling to the nerves and therefore into the brain. Secondly, the electrical signals that are sent via the conductive pads actually promote the body to create and release endorphins, which is the bodies’ natural pain killer

Labour pain relief - Pregnancy Tens - Maternity tens

The TENS maternity machine differ from normal TENS machines as they are made specifically with pregnant women in mind. The days of “too posh to push” are now gone and it now common place for women to opt for a birthing plan that enables them to remember and truly experience natural child birth. This leaves the question of labour pain relief wide open as many drugs and treatments used during labour can leave the mother groggy, drowsy and feeling unwell. Pregnancy TENS are the ideal solution, they are totally safe for both mother and baby and allow the mother to feel in complete control of her birthing experience. Maternity TENS have a boost button which allows you to increase the intensity of the electrical signal at the onset of strong contractions. Because the machines are small and portable you are also able to stay fully mobile during labour, this is important as many women find that walking helps with labour pains.

The NHS does not provide TENS machines for pregnant women, however, we can provide TENS machine hire. Once you have decided to opt for a use of a TENS machine, you can book your TENS hire with us. We will arrange your TENS machine hire to arrive with you two week before you due date in case of an early arrival and in case of your baby being overdue you an always extend the period of your TENS hire without any problems. The Tens machine allows women to have control over their birthing experience which ultimately leads to a better experience. The popularity surge in regards to this product just emphasises its effectiveness. Be sure to book your TENS machine with Birth TENS.

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